Our Story

Welcome to Aspire where our mission is to ignite a passion for physical activity in children and make gymnastics go to choice of sport. Established 11 years ago, we began by introducing aerobics programs in schools, and since then, we've blossomed into a nurturing environment offering a plethora of opportunities for kids to thrive both physically and mentally. At Aspire, we provide a safe space where children can grow, learn, and excel, all while fostering a love for movement and gymnastics. Join us in sculpting a healthier, happier generation!


Teresa (T) Iaccarino - Club Manager and Coach (Aerobics, Tumbling, Play Gym)

T has a large amount of coaching experience in both artistic and tumbling, as well as having the advantage of spending a year on an Ollerup scholarship in Denmark studying gymnastics. She is a qualified Tumbling, Aerobics and Artistic Coach. T has a passion for Gymnastics and working with young people, she is excited to use her years of experience to create fun and dynamic classes for all children. 

Geena Whiteford -  Coach (Aerobics, Tumbling, Play Gym)

Geena has competed in aerobics for over 10 years and during this time completed the XTND youth coaching programme and her Junior Coaching Qualification in Aerobics and the Play Gym Course. Geena has a passion for working with young people and loves to see athletes achieve new skills. Geena creates exciting challenges for our youngest athletes and is also one of our Child Safeguarding Officers.

Amy Nield - President, Senior Coach (Aerobics)

Amy Nield is an Internationally qualified aerobics coach and has been involved with aerobics for over fifteen years. As a secondary school teacher she set up successful aerobics programmes in various schools around Auckland before leaving teaching to set up Aspire Aerobix. Amy is also a qualified Pilate's instructor. Amy is involved with the wider Gymsport community she has been the Chairperson and Coaching Advisor on the Aerobics Technical Committee and has travelled as New Zealand Coach on International Tours.  Amy works with coaches from all over New Zealand to develop aerobics programmes within schools and clubs.