Holiday Programmes

Some game time at the end of a busy session.


TumbleFun is the perfect holiday activity for kids aged 5 - 12 who want to improve their gymanstics or tumbling skills or just learn some cool tricks for the playground. Utlising our air tracks and other gymnastics equipment come tumble, jump and play! TumbleFun is also a great introduction to our TumbleFit programme and for dancers, cheerleaders and gymnasts to improve their acrobatic skills. 

Our TumbleFun programmes are run in two different levels:

TumbleFun - perfect for beginner tumblers who want to learn to roll, cartwheel and handstand - this programme teaches the fundamental shapes and skills for tumbling utlising equipment, drills and games suited for ages 4.5-8 years or those in our Red Programme.

TumbleFun Plus - a programme designed to extend your tumble skills - children should have a confident carthweel, handstand and forward and back roll - skills will be built on to work towards forward and back walkovers beginning drills for forward and back handsprings as well as somersaults. This programme is suitable for tumblers 6+ years - or those in our White, Silver, Black or Gold Programmes.


Does your child like to move, tumble, and dance there heart out? Why not try our all new AeroFun holiday programme.

AeroFun is the perfect introduction into the Aerobics world and our popular AeroFit classes. Taught by qualified coaches and Competitive Aerobic Athletes. This programme teaches the beginnings of an entry level routine to music; as well as the fundamental shapes and skills for Aerobics and of course Tumbling. We play games, we learn new skills and above all else we have fun!

Our AeroFun programmes are run in two different levels:

AeroFun - Perfect for beginner athletes who want to try something new.  Suited for those aged 5 - 8 - or our Red or Bronze Programme.

AeroFun Plus - Also perfect for beginners who want to try something new, or those who are familiar and want some extra practice. Suited for those aged 8+ - or our White, Silver, Black or Gold Programme.

Not sure which level suits you? Contact us for a chat.

July Holiday Programmes:


Cost: $25 per day.

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Aspire Aerobix is operating under the current Government Guidelines for Sport and Recreation - any person over the age of 12 years must show a valid Vaccine Pass to enter our facilities.

Note: TumbleFun & AeroFun sessions run from 9:30am - 11:30am, TumbleFun Plus & AeroFun Plus sessions run 12:00pm - 2:00pm - sessions will be combined to the earlier time slot if less than 4 tumblers in each session - this will be communicated the week prior to the session commencing.