Date Posted
19th Apr 2018

Aerobix Season Has Begun!

The competition season for our Aerobix athletes begun on Saturday 14th April at the Bay Aerobics Challenge.  It was a fabulous first competition with all girls performing awesome routines on the stage, supporting each other out the back and demonstrating what a fantastic sport aerobics is!  All of the girls that competed have reached the qualifying score for Nationals, as well as each of our International Individuals qualifying for both Nationals and reaching the qualifying score to represent NZ at the ANAC Championships in July.


Senior International Trio (Hannah Wilton, Jaimie Le Bas (Gymnastica), Kate Harvey (IGC)- 1st

Senior International Women: 1st Hannah Wilton, 2nd Kaylee Goodyer, 3rd Jennifer Groom

Age Group 2 Individual: 1st Sarah Spargo

ADP 4 Individual: 1st Georgia Taylor

ADP 3 Individual: 1st Madi Taylor, 2nd Neela Patel

As a club we also won the team trophy which was a fantastic achievement.

I look forward to another great competition on the 12th May!